Welcome to Elizabeth Minieri’s Everyday Beauty!

Thank you so much for stopping by little piece of internet real estate. Below you will find a small part of my professional portfolio. From it you will most likely find that I have lived a quite unusual and extraordinary life. In fact, I refer to my life as a #reallifefairytale quite often! But while most people would assume I am referencing the shows I headlined, grand ballrooms and ballgowns, what I am really referencing is the story as a WHOLE. The princes and princesses, the villians, the gowns, the rolling up of sleeves, the sparkle, the dust and everything in between. 

It is my hope that this space allows you to know me and my story in a way that no headline or accolade could ever tell. I hope you allow me to know you. I hope to teach you some of what I have learned and that you laugh as I struggle to learn new things. But most of all, I hope that sharing my heart helps you to create your most beautiful life. 

xo, Elizabeth

Celebrity Dancer

This short film captures Elizabeth‘s final dance performance, which debuted in 2016 at the Ritz Carlton in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina.

Elizabeth Minieri Hosts

A favorite video capturing Elizabeth Minieri‘s glamour and grace in front of the camera!

Grand Opening Celebration

Watch as Elizabeth Minieri hosts the grand opening of the beautiful historic renovation project at 189 N Trade St in downtown Matthews, North Carolina!

PBTV Hostess

Check out this great video of Elizabeth Minieri as host of Planet Ballroom TV!

Hosting Video

Elizabeth enjoys working as a spokemodel for various companies! In this video, she hosted a grand opening party in Charleston, South Carolina for Planet Ballroom!

Video Production

Here’s a favorite behind the scenes video hosting a PBTV episode!

Fun Clips & Outtakes

Fun day shooting promotional videos with Elizabeth and the film crew team at Minieri & Company!